Fusion Night 2016: Inside the Polyglot Nation

Ever wanted to learn a new language? As a traveler, it’s important to immerse yourself in various culture and tradition and language plays a vital role in that connection. I, for one, find it helpful that I know basic Mandarin because that helps a lot when I travel to a place with many Chinese locals. This is the very reason why Accenture recently launched the Fusion Night 2016, a night where multilinguals get to interact and meet one another, opening a new world: The Polyglot Nation.

REVIEW: Coron Soleil Garden Resort, Coron, Palawan

Imagine yourself as the first guest of a new hotel. The pool is all yours. Special food. And a room all to yourself. That's what I experienced at Coron Soleil Garden Resort, a 4-star hotel in Coron, Palawan. Best part is, I'm excited to share to you my entire experience so you'll understand why I have so much love for this hotel. This is the last part of my #BudgetTrip ft #BTCoron. Enjoy!

REVIEW: The Funny Lion, Coron, Palawan

A trip to the world's most beautiful island deserves a grand experience. When we traveled to Coron, Palawan, we stayed at The Funny Lion and I have to say, it's a superb hotel. If you're looking for a quiet place surrounded with mangroves and an overlooking view of the island, then this place is definitely for you. Here's my full review of The Funny Lion, Coron, Palawan.

On Top of Mt. Tapyas, Coron, Palawan

The mountains have helped me a lot. It has become my sanctuary, my haven. Before I started climbing, I had no idea that it will actually be a start of an addiction--a positive one. Now that I am conquering more and more places, I still go back to my roots: the mountains. When we went to Samal Island in Davao (READ: Samal Island Budget Travel Guide: Where to Go, Eat and Stay), we climbed Mt. Puting Bato, the island's highest peak. And for my latest trip to Coron, my adventure wouldn't be complete with yet another climb. So here's my journey to Mt. Tapyas: The summit beyond the rain.