Surigao Del Sur Budget Travel Guide: Where to Go, Eat and Stay

Surigao del Sur is simply heaven for me. When we first planned this trip, I had no expectations since I was thinking that it was just another province to visit, a place to fill in the gaps of our itinerary. But I was proven wrong. Surigao del Sur has its own unique beauty. The Britania Group of Islands was captivating and I can honestly say it's one of the best place I've ever been. For my part 3 of #BudgetTrip goes to Mindanao, (read: (4D3N) Php 4,600 Budget Travel Guide to Davao-Surigao del Sur-Samal; Davao City Budget Travel Guide: Where to Go, Eat and Stay), here's a full guide on where to go, eat and stay in Surigao del Sur.

Davao City Budget Travel Guide: Where to Go, Eat and Stay

Davao City claims itself to be one of the world's safest cities. For a traveler visiting the city for the first time, I can assure you that this claim is true. For some reason, the vibe alone from the city will make you feel secured. Walking late at night, we never felt unsafe. This makes Davao city perfect for backpackers. But what else is there to visit in Davao City? Here's a quick travel guide on where to go, eat and stay.

(4D3N) Php 4,600 Budget Travel Guide to Davao-Surigao del Sur-Samal

After more than a year, the squad is finally complete and back for some budget adventure. This time, we're heading down south to conquer Davao, Surigao del Sur and Samal for 4D3N all for just Php 4,600 and that already includes everything from food to transportation to accommodation (except air fare). Impossible? Well not for us. This is #BudgetTrip to its best!

Stunning Black and White Photos of Old Manila Circa 1800-1900s

Ever wondered what Manila looked like during the old times? Since I am a huge fan of architecture and history, I can't help but share these stunning black and white photos of old Manila which I stumbled upon while doing some paperwork. These photos narrate the story of Manila from the Spanish colonial to the post-war era. It shows Manila far from its current state of highways surrounded by tall glass skyscrapers . Streets are filled with calesas and the tranvia with little to no traffic compared today. The bahay na bato lined up the streets of Manila specifically Escolta and Pasig River was used a major transportation route. This is Manila Circa 1800-1900s: the Glory Days of the what was once known as the Pearl of the Orient.