Il Padrino Coffee, Fairview Terraces

Monday, April 27, 2015 Justin Vawter 7 Comments

Il Padrino Coffee

Eating has been our favorite way of hanging out. It's just the perfect way to bond with your best friends. Every now and then, we check out new places to visit and try and our latest gastronomic feast was at Il Padrino Coffee in Fairview Terraces. We are not new to the coffee shop actually. Back in high school, we would always pass through their first branch along Commonwealth Avenue (near Fairview Center Mall) but not until they opened their second branch in Fairview Terraces that we had a chance to try it.

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

Il Padrino Coffee is a fairly small place. It can accommodate up to 20 people. I find it really cozy especially with the wallpapers. It just brings up a European vibe to your coffee day.

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

 This was our second visit already (the first one was just a sudden visit so I forgot to take photos) and just like our first one, we ordered the group meal which costs Php 640 for a pizza, two pastas and four glasses of iced tea. What I noticed is that they have changed the group meal compared to the one we had late last year which costs around Php 700+ for a pizza, two pastas and a chicken meal (no iced tea was served).

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

Pasta Carbonara

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

Meat Feast Pizza 10"

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

Seafood Marinara

The reason why we returned to this place was because we enjoyed our first visit. Their Italian Lemon Garlic Chicken Pizza 10" was the bomb. At first, it looks like a plain pizza with no toppings but you'll be surprised. Because everything was hidden on a layer of cheese. That's our favorite. We also had the Chicken Crema Al Pesto which I personally enjoyed (my friends don't eat pesto! haha) and the Pasta Carbonara.

Now, based on that, we were pretty disappointed with our second visit. First, the plating looks bad. The presentation before was great and it looks mouthwatering. But with our return, it looks like the pastas were just tossed in the plate. We even have to request for parmesan cheese. The pizza was great though. It was yummy though we still prefer the Italian Lemon Garlic Chicken Pizza.

Well, will we return? Yes. Actually, Il Padrino is a nice place to relax and sip coffee. Their food is still great in my opinion and the price was worth it. I just hope they'll maintain the way they presented their food like before. Aside from that, it's still a great place to visit.

Il Padrino CoffeeIl Padrino Coffee

My food buddies! Best friends for more than 9 years now. (From left: Tracy, Lois, Patrick and me!)

Thanks for reading! We have a lot of restaurants to try and can't wait to post them soon. Isn't it nice to have best friends who supports your blogging career? He he :)


- Justin -


  1. The place looks interesting. Ang cute. :) I would love to try them out if I'm ever on the area. Kaya lang ang layo sa amin. :(

  2. Seems like a good place to have coffee. I'd definitely give it a try since you recommended it. I trust your taste.

  3. The pics look delish! How was the price, though?

  4. thank you so much Ms. Kathy for that. :)

  5. aww, that's sad. I actually wish they would branch out soon

  6. the price was worth it. it's very affordable. we always go for their group meal which is less than Php 700 for 4 persons.

  7. Hi, Justin Vawter!

    We appreciate your taking the time to share your experience with us. It really means a lot to us here in Il Padrino Coffee. We look forward to give you yet another satisfactory service in our Fairview Terraces branch or in our 5 other branches in the near future.

    Best regards,

    Michelle Pangwi
    General Manager

    P.S. We hope you don't mind us linking to your review in our Facebook page. (Let us know if you do!)