Of Presets and Thrift Finds

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 Justin Vawter 2 Comments


When was the last time you bought and wore something from thrift shops? Looking back at my previous posts I realized that it's been a while since I last wore some thrift finds so I guess it's time to shake things up. Last week, since I'm staying at our home for the entire summer, I decided to check out my fave thrift shops and guess what I found? A freaking Dr. Martens boots! When I saw it I was like, no, I can't let you go, not this time. Typical reaction from a thrift shop hoarder.


Wore this to the launch of Florsheim and actually, I wanted to wear a blazer since that would suit the whole look better. But since it's really hot, decided to just throw in a cardigan to add a pop of color.


Shirt from Penshoppe. Would you believe that I got this for just Php 99? It was by accident actually. Walked passed through their store and I saw people killing each other (typical sale scenario) so I decided to check it out. To my surprise, they got a bunch of stuff on sale for just Php 99. Choices were limited and most of the sizes were L-XL. Good thing I was able to buy this (and another one in a different color) together with 2 button down. Cardigan and pants from Thrift.


Boots from Dr. MartensBought it for just Php 300!!!!

Latest thrift finds!

That's it for today. I'm still in the process of editing the video I took on our climb at Mt. Arayat and hopefully, I'll be able to upload them within the week. You can check out the teaser on the page.


- Justin - 


  1. Screw my connection! I can't see your images. I'm eager to see the doc martens you're talking about. I guess the outfit will look great if you pair it with a blazer, more classy and professional looking. I see cardigan as a casual wear lang but you still pull it off though.

  2. Thanks. I do agree with that blazer thing. :)