The Tutuban Night Market P1000 Shopping Challenge

Friday, September 18, 2015 Justin Vawter 0 Comments

How far will your Php 1000 go? For someone who keeps everything on a tight budget, shopping is a tough challenge on its own. But hey, isn't that the best part? Scoring great pieces at a super low price.

Earlier this month, I was invited by Tutuban Center for a night market shopping challenge. The catch? You only have Php 1000 to spend. While it's tough, I'm actually used to it since I'm a thrift king and haggling is a gift that I have, a power I posses (LOL!). Anyways, here's the deal: we only have roughly 30 minutes to style our model. It made things tougher since I'm not familiar with the place. But yeah, here's what happened:

The Shopping Challenge

Photos from Tutuban Center

The Look

I just want everything to be minimal, like it's something you could wear on a regular basis. Went for a classic getup with shades of gray to break the monochromatic blue look. Plus, since it's very simple and comfy, decided to lift it up by adding neon colors to make the entire look stand out without being too loud. The result: a young vibe look perfect for a random night out.

Budget Breakdown

Cap - Php 130 (originally Php 180)
Shirt - Php 100
Jacket - Php 330 (originally Php 400)
Jogger Pants - Php 300 (originally Php 380)
Shoes and accessories - Model's own

Total : Php 860 (originally Php 960)

It's all about the power of haggling. That's why I love going to night markets, you get to test your haggling skills. Always remember to haggle as it will help you save more.

Tutuban Night Market is open every night in front of Tutuban Center along Divisoria. And now that the Christmas season has officially started, expect a wider variety of items. It's gonna be a fun experience!

Special thanks to Tutuban Center for inviting me over to try this challenge. And to my model Christian for being a cool guy. It was such a nice experience. Will definitely be back to shop soon.

P.S. I'm taking a quick break from traveling and exploring since it's my finals already and I've got tons of plate to finish. But I'll be sharing some unpublished style posts that's we shoot over the course of summer. It's time to go back to my roots which is style blogging but of course, I'll also share the places I've been too so do check it out!


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