UPDATED Fees for Brgy. Wawa, Rodriguez, Rizal

Thursday, January 07, 2016 Justin Vawter 8 Comments

One of my favorite destination is Brgy. Wawa in Rodriguez, Rizal. It is the home to Mt. Pamitinan (read the guide here), Mt. Binacayan and Mt. Hapunang Banoi (read the guide here). I have mentioned already in my previous posts that one thing I love about Brgy. Wawa is their cheap fees which is just around Php 2.00. But now, the baranggay is handing out flyers of notice about the price increase in their fares.

The Updated Fees

If you will notice, there will no longer be any DENR fees but instead an entrance fee of Php 20.00 and Trekking fee of Php 50.00 will be implemented. Caving fee is now Php 20.00 from the previous Php 5.00

Guides have now a fixed rate of Php 500 per 5 pax and the cottage for Wawa Dam is at Php 200 per day for a pax of 10.

Good or Bad

Personally, I find this sad since that means we have to adjust our budget. But on the other hand, Brgy. Wawa is a place I trust and you can really see their effort in maintaining the area. A bridge is now being constructed connecting Wawa dam to Pamitinan Cave (before, you have to cross the river). Also, a new DENR office will be placed near the baranggay hall. I just wish they would change the guide fee to a pax of 8-10 person. Also I wish they have maintained the original cottage fee of Php 150.00. Nevertheless, this is a good effort of the local government unit and local organizations in maintaining and preserving Brgy. Wawa.

When I saw this photo on Facebook, I found out that there are some who pays aroung Php 50-100 to guide. I'd say that's just horrible. Imagine, they've been with you for an entire day and their job is tiring and yet you pay them less than a day's minimum wage. That's insane! Also, these guides used to do kaingin so providing a fixed guide rate really helps them a lot. Think about it.


Entrance Fee or Trekking Fee?

If you will climb, you just have to pay the one-time trekking fee of Php 50.00. The entrance fee of Php 20.00 is only applicable if you'll just visit Wawa Dam.

What about twin hike or quad/penta hikes?

The minimum guide fee is Php 500.00. For additional mountains, there are no additional fee although I have to request you to at least give them a fare fee. :)

The fees will be implemented starting February 8, 2016.

For more questions, feel free to comment it down and I'll get back to you soon. 

Photo by Vincent Paul Dalanao


- Justin -


  1. So dapat pala makapunta na diyan before february 8 para mura pa rin? Hehe. Good read Justin. Hoping one day makasama ako sa akyat mo. Looking forward to meet you in person. :)-Regine

  2. We climb last jan 16. We pay 500 for our guide for a group of 8. Which is totally not bad. We give kuya 1k na lang kasi madami naman kami. Pero sana sa mga fees na dinagdagan nila, mabigyan ang EACH guide ng FIRST AID KIT. kasi yung guide namin walang dala. Though naintindihan din namin na baka kapos para makabili. So ayun. Sana yung additional fees na ginawa nila eh sana may nakabudget para sa guides.

    1. hi grace twin dayhike ba kayo? I'm kinda worried about my 2 friends kasi first time nila. Gusto ko sana i-push ang twin dayhike + wawa dam sidetrip para sulit. Pero pag di kaya baka mag Mt.Pamitinan na lang kame at wawa dam.

  3. I heard Mt. Pamitinan was closed due to reconstruction.
    Anyway, we are planning to go on a trek this week Feb 7 to be exact and I'd like to ask if we should pay for the caving fee? Is there any chance that we'll passage through the cave going to Mt.Pamitinan or Wawa Dam? I understand that the Entrance fee is for the Wawa Dam, while the Trekking and Tour guide fee is for hiking adventure.

    and I more thing could you give us some tips since this is going to be our first day hike and I'm a first timer and I really really want this to be fun and memorable. :-)

    Thank you and God bless :-)

    Victoria Magtoto

  4. We are Planning to go on Trek this Feb 8, sad life , sa date pa nayan natapat ung changes sa mga fee, haha ! anyways. Thanks sa info Mr. Justin :) looking forward to meet you in person and trek together. Btw ? may akyat ba kayo this FEB 8 ? :D

    1. hi christine can i join your feb 8 which is tom na, mag isa lang ako e walang kahati sa guide, was supposed to climb yesterday.

  5. Open naman po ba ito whole week? From Monday to Sunday? Nagbabalak po kasi kami magkakaibigan ��

  6. Hi Justin, we visited the place yesterday. I don't know if it's their new rule but they're now charging a guide fee of Php 500 per mountain. Anyway, the locals are very friendly. Still a fine hike and an amazing experience :D