Supremo1: Budget Action Camera for Budget Travelers

Saturday, April 23, 2016 Justin Vawter 14 Comments

As an adventurer, documenting your travels is a great way to relive those moments. With the rise of technology, the popular action camera GoPro was born. But with a tag price of almost Php 20,000+, it's not the best option for budget travelers like me. Of course, the quality is there. Like what they say, you get what you pay for. But hey, there are a lot of alternatives out there that can help you document your trips without slashing your wallet. And one of them is Supremo1.

Even before I got my own camera, I have friends who are already using Supremo1 so I already have an idea on it's quality. It's a popular action camera because of it's tag price of less than Php 5,000. Other alternatives include SJcam and Yi whose price range goes from Php 3,000-8,000.

Earlier this month, Supremo Philippines sent me a Supremo1 for me to personally try it. I'm currently using an Yi Action Camera which I just bought last February. It's the closest competitor of Supremo1 so I'll be basing my review between the two.


Supremo1 Overview

Okay, before I officially start this review I just wanna let you know while I know something about photography and gadgets, I'm not really that techie. This review is based from an ordinary user's perspective so let's skip all those technical stuff and jargon that perhaps, most of us don't really understand. Anyways, just for comparison here's the specs of Supremo1.


  • 12MPx interpolated camera (4MP shooting power)
  • 2-inch HD Preview Screen (960x240)
  • Remote Control Capability
  • 150 Degrees Wide Angle Shots
  • 1000mAh Battery 100 minutes of Continuous Recording* (*Fully charged battery depends on shooting conditions) 
  • Videos at 1080p@60fps, 1080@30fps, 720p@120fps, 720@60fps 
  • Lightweight at 78 grams 
  • Expandable up to 32GB Memory

What's Inside the Box

Supremo1 has indeed a really cool packaging. It in enclosed in an acrylic glass quite similar to a GoPro. For a budget camera, this is a big plus. It's really attractive. Yi has a paper box packaging which is typical to the brand (my phone is Xiaomi so the packaging is quite the same).


Inside the box, the package already includes a lot of accessories. 

  • Supremo1 Camera
  • Waterproof Case
  • 2x Rechargeable batteries
  • Portable frame
  • Quick Release Mount1
  • Knuckle
  • Lock bolt
  • USB Cable
  • Flat Mount
  • Curved Mount
  • 2x 3M Adhesive
  • Wrist Remote
For someone who like everything complete, this is a huge deal. When I bought my Yi, I spent around Php 7,000 for additional accessories since you have to buy them separately. For Supremo1, everything's included in the box.(Plus you get a really nice box!)


The wrist remote. You can control the camera using this remote. I think it looks cool. It is rechargeable via usb cable. Take note though that this is not waterproof.


Supremo1 comes in a nice matte finish which I love. It's lightweight but has a strong build and doesn't feel like a toy just like Yi which appears to be more fragile. It's square and quite larger compared to Yi which is rectangular.


The sides contain a battery slot, usb cable, hdmi cable port and sd card slot.


The top includes two button: the shutter and power button while right in front is the Wi-Fi button.


The waterproof case.

Sample Photos and Video

When we went to Aquria Water Park in Calatagan, Batangas (read my full guide here), I took my Supremo1 to the test. Sadly I forgot to take a lot of test shots since I was too busy with its video feature. But don't worry, I'll be posting sample shots using Supremo1 on my future trips so do follow me on Instagram. Anyways, here's some sample photos and video. Everything was shot in raw to show you the quality. Also, the videos are in raw quality and is edited using VideoPad. I have horrible editing skills but hey, everyone starts from somewhere right? ^_^

What I love about Supremo1

Now for the main highlight of this post, here's my full honest review about Supremo1. There are a lot of things I love about Supremo1 and this will be based on my use of both Yi and Supremo1.

1. Price - it's really budget friendly. Tag price is around Php 5,000 but you can get it at some online stores for around Php 3,000-4,000 (I saw an ad from KimStore on Facebook and they have a current sale of Supremo1 for around Php 3,800+).

2. Package - it's a buy one get all. Compared to other action cameras where you have to purchase everything.

3. LCD - perhaps this is where Supremo1 beats Yi by a mile. The screen is a huge help especially if you're always in the water. When I used Yi on my trip to Baler, I didn't realize that it wasn't recording (which is kinda my fault too). I was okay when using Yi but when Supremo1 arrived, I realized at how helpful the preview screen is. You don't always have to bring the remote or turn on the Wi-Fi just to use the mobile app. Turning on the Wi-Fi consumes battery life so as much as possible turn it off.

4. User-friendly - it's way easier to use and has a friendly interface.

5. Battery life - compared to Yi, Supremo1 has a longer battery life. Perhaps it's because when I'm using Yi, I have to open the Wi-Fi just to have a preview screen which in return consumes a lot of battery life.

6. Doesn't heat that much - one common problem for action cameras is their heating issue. It's typical for a camera to heat especially if you're using it for a long recording. For Supremo1 though, it doesn't heat that much.

7. Jackpod is longer than Yi Monopod - the common package for Supremo1 includes a jackpod. Compared to the Yi Monopod, the Jackpod is longer. However, the Yi Monopod has a better build and because it's shorter and smaller, it's easier to carry around.

8. Warranty - Supremo1 comes with a warranty card compared to Yi which has none (it's mostly seller personal warranty)

What I Don't love about Supremo1

When you love someone, there are also some parts that you don't really love. You just learnt to accept them. Naks! Just like any other gadget, there are things that I don't love about them. For Supremo1, they are the following:

1. Fogging - fogging is a common issue if you're in the water. The moist inside the waterproof casing caused by the heat and the temperature of the water outside causes fogging. This can be resolved by using anti-fog strips. However I noticed that even after using 2 anti-fog strips, Supremo1 fogs quicker than Yi.

2. No External Battery Charger - if you will notice, the package doesn't include an external charger. This means that if you want to charge your camera, you need to insert the battery inside and then charge the whole device. This is a hassle especially if you want to charge the two batteries since you have to insert and remove them one by one. It can also lead to heating issue caused by overcharging. This is where Yi beats Supremo1. My Yi cam has an external battery charger which allows you to charge your battery (let's say you have 2 or more batteries) and use the camera at the same time. Also, my external battery charger can be charged using a powerbank which makes it more convenient for traveling.

Note: Both cameras can be charged using a powerbank. Also, according to some groups, you can use a universal battery charger (just like the one used for phones) for Supremo1 to charge the battery externally.

3. No Dedicated App - Supremo1 uses a third-party mobile app compared to Yi where it has an Yi Camera app which includes filters and editing feature.

4. Fish Eye Effect - While the fish eye effect is normal if you're using a wide angle lens, Yi's app has a feature that enable you to turn off lens distortion by cropping the photo automatically. You can do it on Supremo1 as part of the post-processing but how I wish they have this feature to since it's really helpful.

5. Lens Not Wide Enough - compared to other action cameras in the market, Supremo1 has one of the smallest wide angle of just 150 degrees. (Yi has 155 degrees, GoPro and SJcam both have 170 degrees angle view). Even though it's just a small number, the 5 degree difference has a huge effect on the overall view.

Camera Quality

How about the camera quality?  If you noticed, I didn't include the camera quality in both things I love and I don't love about Supremo1. The reason is the camera quality is very subjective. Like what I mentioned, you get what you pay for. Personally, when it comes to quality I'd go for Yi. It has a better overall quality especially the video which can be compared to GoPro already (hence the nickname "GoPro Killer"). Supremo1 usually comes out as grainy. This is really noticeable especially if you're playing or viewing it on a larger screen such as a computer or laptop. But we do have to consider the price. Yi is around Php 2,000-3,000 higher than Supremo1. If you're willing to spend more I'd say go for Yi. And if you really have the money, then might as well go for the GoPro. But if you're on a tight budget, Supremo1 would be the best choice.

The camera quality of Supremo1 is not bad considering it's price. If you're just someone who enjoys traveling and sharing photos and video, the quality can already pass expectations. A couple of post-processing can make your shots impressive. Also, the ease of use is superb. We actually had fun using it.

Final Verdict

Supremo1 is definitely a great choice if you want to capture your travel moments without spending too much. If you're really into quality, give this camera a pass and go for a higher-end action camera which gives you more control but the catch is, are you willing to spend more? However if you're just a hobbyist who is tight on a budget but is looking for a great camera, then this one is perfect for you. At the end of day, it's all a matter of choice (and budget!).

Disclaimer: I received a Supremo1 from Supremo Philippines for this review. However, all opinions are mine.


- Justin -


  1. i totally agree with the whole review. i got one for my cebu trip just recently and i totally enjoy using it.just had difficulties in video files for it is in .MOV format. any suggestions regarding this??thanks in advance:)

  2. This is great, but I found another good camera, it's AKASO EK7000 4K wifi sports action camera, good price and good quality, really worth looking at it!Maybe you should look it.

      You mean this camera? It looks ok.I care about the battery of the camera.,who used the camera to talk about it.

  3. Hi. You said you got your supremo 1 from supremo philippines? Do you know their office or website? Im wondering where can i ask for a service repair of our supremo 1 (if already beyond the seller's warranty period)? Thank you.

  4. I have this one too :) I'm using it with monopod for action camera here is the features hope this can help :)

  5. hi. i got supremo1 last february. since then i used it in every trip i have. but now my problem about it is that the waterproof case got a crack on its base. i search for reseller for shops selling case but none of them are selling for supremo1. only for go pro sjcam etc. brands but for supremo there none i could but. someone if you have info please let me know. thanks

  6. hi. i got supremo1 last february. since then i used it in every trip i have. but now my problem about it is that the waterproof case got a crack on its base. i search for reseller for shops selling case but none of them are selling for supremo1. only for go pro sjcam etc. brands but for supremo there none i could but. someone if you have info please let me know. thanks

    1. I have the same problem, I think they are still not selling separate accessories for supremo1, hopefully they will this year

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  8. Hi, I just want to ask po if how to set up the wrist remote and kung isang beses lang po siya iset up. thanks

  9. hi how to connect wrist remote of supremo4k? ��